Reliable HVAC, Water and Sanitary Solutions for Oil & Gas, Marine & Offshore, Industrial and commercial sectors.

Coibent Plastic’s solutions adhere to high quality standards that have been perfected in over 45 years experience in the  fields of insulations and systems.

Coibent Plastic’s skilled engineering team and staff allow a more effcient, dynamic and fast problem solving.

Our strength

Thanks to the experience gained in over 45 years of activity and the handcrafted imprint that characterizes it, Coibent Plastic proposes itself as an ideal partner able to offer the most appropriate solutions based on the specific needs of the customer, ensuring extreme flexibility, speed and low costs.

We specialize in the design of thermotechnical, water and sanitary systems, their construction, installation, testing and after-sales service, and can also also provide for furnishings, insulation and flooring.

Our history

Coibent Plastic srl was founded in 1973 specializing in the field of cold (ammonia plants) and industrial insulation and flooring and in the construction of cold rooms on behalf of primary customers such as Dall’Orto, Samifi, etc.

Since 1974 we have been active in the sector of insulation and coating of tanks and biogas plants for customers such as Giza (Agip Giza) for which we have held the position of preferential supplier in these processes.

In 1993 we expanded our field of work specializing in the field of manufacture and assembly of pipes and accessories for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in the civil, industrial and naval sectors. In that period we were transformed from a family business into a collective company with a highly specialized staff.

Since 1996 we have specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of air handling units (AHUs) and related equipment for civil, industrial and naval uses.

Today the range of solutions and services has expanded including the design and construction of chilled water (Chillers), Roof Tops, Autoclaves, Conditioning units, Boilers for the construction of complete heating systems, intended for the naval, industrial and Oil & Gas sectors.

Since 2005 Coibent Plastic has adopted a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified quality system for the fields of activity in which it operates.

Our long standing collaboration with the ROSETTI shipyards of Ravenna has allowed the Group to boast its presence on the construction of multiple types of ships and buildings for the Oil & Gas sector.