Dry Provision Store


Robust unit capable of meeting very several requirements entirely compliant to SOLAS requirements, designed and constructed for use in Hazardous areas for Oil & Gas and Marine Sector or ambients in which is request to guarantee a high corrosion resistance and a reliable long service life.

All components are dimensioned and calculated for an optimal performance at the required design parameters.


Container for dry/food storage use, complete of structure, interior outfitting, necessary service as lighting, electrical, safety/alarm system and air conditioning unit.

Work condition:  0°C / + 35°C (Min / Max external temperature). Other options upon request.

Internal Condition: 15°C @ 40-50% RH (completely customizable on request)

Overall dimension 3.000 x 5.000 x 2.800(h)

Empty Total weight: 8.000Kg (approx).

Max Total weight: 15.000Kg

Hazardous Area Classification: Zone 2, IIB, T3


The steel structures verification is carried out with “Allowable Strength Design” Provisions (AISC ASD 1989).

The structure have been checked considering the effect of the lifting loads as well.

A structural analysis have been performed to verify the structure during the transportation phase, applying the following accelerations:

  • Roll (east/west): +/-0.7g
  • Pitch (north/south):+/-0.5g
  • Heave (Vertical direction):+/-0.5g



The structure in constructed all in steel (S355J0) and monolithic, with all its components (skid, floor, walls, roof) completely welded to each other, with continuous welding to obtain perfect water tightness of the complete module.

Welding carried out in accordance with the (AWS or ISO 15609-1) standard specification.


Structure with four perimetrical beams. Steel plate floors designed with sufficient stiffening members to limit deflections. The deflections of floors shall be limited to prevent damage to non-structural components.


Self-supported exterior walls of the building realized of corrugated steel sheet panels, placed side-to-side and butt-welded, utilizing all necessary girts, props, stiffeners, ribs, framing, etc., as reinforcement. The panels will be continuous and watertight welded above to the roof perimeter profiles and below to the perimeter frame. Steel profile uprights provided for door, cable passages, ventilation ducts, etc. as a function reinforcement frame around the openings.


Structure with four perimetrical beam members. Covering by sheet panels adequately stiffened by transversal beams. The roof have a 1.0 % slope built into it to permit rainwater flow. Four pad eyes provided with for the lifting.


External Doors of single leaf opening, A-60 class, for heavy duty & offshore type complete of frames, ironmongery, door closers, accessories & all devices for installation. Doorframe bolted to the wall and supplied with gas tight seals.

Hardware & lock in Stainless Steel AISI 316. Anti-panic bar.

Door Dimensions: 0.80 m x 2.10 m    (clear opening).


External boundaries penetrations for refrigerant Piping, Ductwork and cables in compliance to SOLAS requirements.


Category C-5M.


Thermal insulation performed in order to reduce the heat transmission factor and to get protection against the fire. The whole cabin can be certified A0 fire class (SOLAS), or A60, depending of type of insulation installed.

External boundaries walls and roof insulated by a layer of 60mm thk. Stone wool plus alu-foil.

Bottom insulated by the application of stone-wool panels (in double layer) having 30+30mm thk., 140Kg/m³ density, covered by galvanized steel plate in double layer thk. 2mm.



Layer of marine approved screed laid in order to level the deck, plus a layer of resin floor of 1.5mm (average thickness) finished by anti-slip coating. All flooring is flame retardant to meet SOLAS requirements.


Internal walls constructed in accordance with SOLAS regulations (B-15 class). Modular panel MED Approved, joined by means of a built-in joining system. Panel’s thickness: 25mm. Wide range of colors.


Self-suspended ceiling of sandwich construction designed for easy and rapid installation. SOLAS class B-15, MED certificates, thickness 50mm. Wide range of colors.


Set of shelves made in stainless steel 18/10 suitable for food storage.

Five step aluminum ladder provided for reaching the upper part of the shelves.

One Freezer with capacity of approx. 500lt (marine heavy-duty type).


Scope of HVAC system is to pressurize the ambient and to provide suitable environmental conditions for the Dry/Food Storage.

Internal conditions:

  • Summer: 20 °C
  • Winter: 20 °C
  • Relative humidity: 40-50%
  • Pressurization 30 Pa.
  • Minimum Air Change /hour 6.


No.1 Condensing Unit (External mounted) composed by:

  • Condenser in Cu-Cu welded fins
  • 2 ATEX axial fan suitable for ZONE 2 hazardous area, gas group IIB, temperature class T3
  • Casing in stainless steel AISI 316L


No.1 Compressor Unit (Internal mounted) composed by:

  • Hermetic Compressor for R407C
  • Dryer filter
  • Moisture Indicator
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Pressure switch for max pressure and min pressure
  • Local Control Panel for the HVAC&R system power and monitoring.
  • Casing in stainless steel AISI 316L


No.1 Evaporating Unit (Internal mounted) composed by:

  • Evaporator Cu-Cu welded fins with thermostatic valve
  • Double Inlet centrifugal fans, in plastic material
  • Pan for moisture in AISI 316L
  • Casing in galvanized steel Painted


No.1 Pressurization system designed to guarantee the correct ventilation and a correct overpressure of a minimum 50Pa.

  • 1 plenum box with Filters Section G4 Class according to EN 779.
  • 1 double inlet centrifugal fan (placed inside the plenum box described above)
  • 1 Air fresh intake realized by metal ducting. Internal ducting in stainless steel AISI 316L 0.8mm thk. External ducting in stainless steel AISI 316L 2.0mm thk.
  • 1 Fire and Gas damper SOLAS approved installed on the air fresh intake
  • 1 Fire and Gas damper SOLAS approved plus No.1 Pressure Relief Damper installed on the overpressure discharge


  • Copper pipes for connection between Evaporator/Compressor/Condensing units.
  • Stainless steel pipe for the condensate drain of the evaporating unit.
  • Thermal and anti-moisture insulation of the piping where necessary.
  • Personnel protection insulation of the external piping (line to the condensing unit).
  • Penetration for piping, power cables and signal cables by using of Roxtec MCT.


The cabin is supplied provided with a complete internal electrical system, composed by:

  • 2 Light fixtures 2 x 36 Watt will be placed in the ceiling in order to ensure good lighting level
  • 1 emergency light just above the door, inside the module.
  • Light command placed adjacent to the door entrance.
  • 1 Socket placed near the freezers.

All electrical system is linked to an internal distribution panel fed from the main electrical system (provided by Client).  A dedicated MCT is fitted on the external wall, close the panel, to allow the cables entry. All internal cables run inside galvanized steel cable trays, while the external cables run inside AISI 316L stainless steel conduit. Standard earth plate is welded in a corner of external base-frame (to be connect to the main earthing system – by Client).

Power feed: on your request

Power Rated: 10Kw (Total amount of HVAC&R system plus Electric system).


The Storage is designed and constructed as “Plug and Play” unit and needs only:

  • Ensure the container to the platform deck using anchor bolts (not included).
  • Provide the correct electrical power and signal (in any).
  • Connect the drain condensate.

In case you may need to install a Gas/Smoke/Flame detection system or other, Threaded studs will be provided on external walls, in order to install sensors, instruments and so on.