HVAC Workshop and Fabrication Capabilities

Coibent Plastic factory surface area is 2.000 square meters, not including a further 600 square meters of storage area.

Our experience in HVAC and air duct engineering, fabrication dates more than 25 years and covers several types of units, machinery, outfit and appliances.

All engineering and fabrication activities are managed in house according to ISO 9001:2015 system procedures in compliance with all the main international standards like, SMACNA, DW 144, EN, DIN, VDI, ASTM, SOLAS and relevant guidelines.

We produce on average about 200 tons of metallic products for about 40.000 worked-man hours/year between fabrication and site installation activities (year 2017).

We work Production covered by a wide range of metallic commodity, vary from carbon steel, galvanized steel, pre-painted or pre-plasticized steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other.

Factory engineering and production activities in the field of HVAC and refrigeration include:

  • Square and rectangular ducts and fittings;
  • Fire rated ducts;
  • Sound Attenuators;
  • Air Handling Units;
  • Chiller Units;
  • Cooling units for refrigerated rooms;
  • In house Ventilation and Exhaust units;
  • Thermo hygrometric control systems for HVAC management and control.

Below is a list of machineries that are available in our workshop

  • 1 Overhead travelling crane, 5 t lifting capacity
  • 1 Fully automated duct fabrication line
  • 1 Guillotine 3mm x 4m
  • 1 Guillotine 3mm x 2,5m
  • 1 Guillotine 20mm x 2m
  • 1 CNC Press break bending machine 4m x 80t
  • 1 Press break bending machine 3m x 40t
  • 1 CNC Press break bending machine 2m x 80t
  • 1 CNC Plasma cutting 3000x1500mm (thk. Up to 12mm)
  • 6 MIG welding machines
  • 5 Spot welding machines
  • 1 Eccentric press 80t
  • 1 Eccentric press 40t
  • 1 Ring rolling machine
  • 1 Roll former Plate roll 6mm x 2m
  • 1 Roll former Plate roll 1.5mm x 2m
  • 1 Roll former Plate roll 1mm x 1m
  • 5 Powered swaging machine
  • 4 Pittsburg & pocket joint roll forming machine
  • 2 Variable angle corner notching machine
  • 3 Fork lift 5t, 2,5t, 1,5t

The fastest delivery to Customers and fabrication sites is supported by the owned consistent fleet of trucks.

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